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Brian Bodt

Instrument: Bass

Date of birth: June 27th, 1985

From: Van Nuys, California

Vitals: Blue eyes, blonde hair, 6’2″ tall


Starting out in the early years sporadically sampling a variety of instruments including piano, violin and drums, Brian has always had a flare for the dramatic and a desire to perform. He took years to find focus in a single instrument though, and found what was to become his true passion when he first took up electric guitar at age 17, followed by bass. After playing for a few years he experimented with keyboard synth and computer music, until returning to guitar later in adulthood, in which he found his true calling. It was by a chance meeting at a party that he joined forces with Lilia Bogoeva and was subsequently invited to play bass in the newly-formed Karkaza. He specializes in bringing a uniquely dark image and intense stage presence to the band. Hobbies include reading, modeling and photography.

Brian Bodt - bass guitar - metal


B.C Rich

Gallien Krueger





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