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Lilia Bogoeva

Instrument: Guitar and Vocals

Date of birth: October 31st, 1992

From: San Diego, California

Vitals: Brown eyes, Brown hair, 5’5” tall


Her musical journey began with an interest in classical piano repertoire in her early teens. Eventually she started to explore a wider spectrum of musical genres and discovered a passion for metal which inspired her to take up playing guitar and writing music. Her passion for music was so strong that she strived to learn as much as possible about it— from the theory of how music works, to composers and their repertoire, to the technical intricacies of playing multiple instruments. She aimed to explore every style of music under the sun, from the most famous classical works to the most obscure experimental music and everything in between.

After seeing the word Karkaza in a museum of Southeast Asian art, Lilia became inspired to form a band by that name. She formed the first Karkaza lineup in early 2015 with three classmates from her music university. That lineup was short-lived, however, and left her as a solo performer who longed to find a new group of musicians who shared her vision. She found her dedicated teammates in Summer 2016 after a casual meeting with Bruno in Hollywood, and soon after talking to Brian at one of her solo gigs. As the front woman of Karkaza, she adds unique elements from different music genres, in combination with powerful lyrics to create the Karkaza signature sound. Hobbies include running, Crossfit and cooking.









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