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Founded in August 2016, with a casual meeting between Lilia and Bruno in Hollywood. They held their first rehearsal in the music lessons studio where Lilia worked and quickly created their first song, Apocalypse. The drum and guitar duo collaboratively created their first few songs but knew they needed a dedicated bassist. Soon after, Lilia happened to meet Brian at a party and found out that he played bass and guitar and was looking to a form a band to have an outlet for his ideas. After their first rehearsal as a full band, Lilia and Bruno found him to be a great fit and thus the power trio was born. The chemistry among the three members appeared instantaneously, and grew even stronger over time.


At this point the only thing missing was a name. Lilia had wanted to use the band name Karkaza ever since she stumbled upon the ancient Sanskrit word in a museum a couple years prior, so she suggested the band be called by that title. Meaning rough, abrasive, and unrepentant, Karkaza described the band’s music and attitude perfectly. All three of them like to integrate stylistic elements from other genres into their original compositions.


The band put together a setlist and started playing gigs in the Los Angeles music scene. They recorded their debut EP "Path of Doom" followed by the full-lenght album "Dark Sun Eclipse." They are currently based in Los Angeles. From here onward, Karkaza will keep moving forward on the road.



Karkaza's latest heavy metal video - Apocalypse


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Karkaza's latest heavy metal video - Apocalypse